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Of our experience serving customers for more than 15 years, True Touch has a commitment in developing its services to fit your organization needs. Every time our employees interact with your customers, what we take into account in addition to servicing customers is a good relationship between you and your customers.

We know that good customer service is not limited to communications through phone. Accordingly we offer comprehensive Business Process Outsourcing solutions to help lighten your work with our long experience of serving government agencies and private sectors such as bank, insurance, IT, airlines and real estate. This ensures that our service is quality service that can be truly trusted.

Our service is due to revolutionize customer service of True Corporation over decades ago. At that time, in 1993, True Corp, known as TelecomAsia (TA), made an important observation in the course of doing business: there was something missing in the "connection" between companies and their customers. A team of experts was assigned to explore and research customer service practices only to find that there was a definite need for open, real-time strategic communications with customers. They pioneered a new industry and established the first call center, named Public Service Center, in Thailand.

Contact Asia was established in 2002 as part of TelecomAsia’s vision to capitalize on growing demand for call-center service. The newly-formed service was run by people who had over-a-decade experience in Internal TA Customer Service. To further enhance the company's strong position in outsourcing contact-centre management and the group's convergence products and solutions, True Touch Company Limited was officially registered on August 25, 2005 with the registered capital of 193 million baht.

Today True Touch is a leading full-service provider of customer service solutions with the standard work on the international level. We have developed a set of global best practices that ensure consistency in technology, human resources, and operational management to assure you of the best customer interaction service. So you can be confident that we will serve your customers as if our own.





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