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Q: Who is True Touch?
A: True Touch is the leading full-service provider of customer service solutions. The company is a subsidiary of True Corporation Public Company Limited or True Group and was officially found in 2005. We employ more than 1,000 people to serve customers both local and international and provide totally customer service solutions such as contact center, and business-process with aim to build your brand value though our customer service relationship.

Q: What is the difference between Call Center and Contact Center?
A: Both Call Center and Contact Center are customer contact points. However, the difference is “Call Center” corresponds with customers via telephones only, while “Contact Center” uses multiple channels such as telephone, fax, e-mail, web-chat, or letter to get in touch with customers.

Q: What are the roles and responsibilities of a Contact Center?
A: Contact Center plays an important role in Customer Acquisition Life Cycle, for example, providing product or service information to prospective customers, handles customers, suggestions and complaints and solving problems for customers. Moreover, Contact Center can act as a selling point of products or services or involve in debt collecting and market research via telephone and customer satisfaction surveys.

Q: Does my organization need to have a Contact Center?
A: Well, it depends on a number of factors, such as, company policy, strategy, competition and products and services. Some companies use Contact Center to offer customer convenience. Some use Contact Center as a mean of two-way communication with customers, or to reduce cost by having one Contact Center instead of a number of service points at different locations.

Q: Is CRM a Contact Center?
A:Many misunderstand that CRM is a Contact Center and vice versa. CRM is, in fact, a strategy and a service used by companies to maintain or to improve their relationships with their customers especially at customer touch points, whereas Contact Center is one of those touch points used by customers to receive services. While carrying out CRM, it is important to consider how to run a contact center the best to create welcoming experience for customers.

Q: What is outsourcing?
A:Outsourcing is a delegation of certain non-core operations to outsiders, specializing in the management of those operations. This enables the company to fully focus on its core business.

Q: What are the benefits of outsourcing Contact Center?
A: The primary benefit gained from outsourcing Contact Center is reducing an investment risk especially in terms of technology that keeps changing all the time. Secondly, it enables a quick set up of a Contact Center comparing to the time taken should a company chooses to set up one itself. Thirdly, resources can be used to focus upon the company’s core business without having to worry about the management of a Contact Center. Lastly, the Contact Center will have an international standard using the skills and expertise of the outsourced company.

Q: What is the operational process of True Touch?
A: Once agreed, True Touch employees will study the requirements of your company in details, set up a joint working plan, time line, work process, and schedule as well as carrying out tests of system and services before actual roll-out of to ensure a smooth execution.

Q: How long does it take to start operating an outsourced Contact Center?
A: It depends on the details and scope of the services required. This has a direct impact on the development of system, product and services training, recruiting of personnel to match the required skills and competencies needed for the job. Should you be interested, please contact us. We will be able to give you an estimate time for starting your contact center.

Q: Is a customer service agent and an operator working in the same role?
A: Customer service agents are not operators. The job scopes and responsibilities are totally different. Operators are required to transfer calls to the designated person; hence the skills used are not complicated. Customer service agents, on the other hand, are required to provide information, help and offer solutions, or introduce company’s new products and services. This means that they must possess various skills from listening, questioning, summarizing, or even selling.

Q: What is the estimate cost of the services provided by True Touch?
A: Price are varied depend on the scope of services of each customer. Designing customer solutions can be complex and require in depth analyze of project requirements, we are please to estimate the cost of your services. Should you be interested, please visit our Contact Us section on this website.

Q: Where can I get more information on the services offered by True Touch?
A: Our staff will gladly contact you to provide additional information. Please call 02-088-8999 or visit Contact Us.

Q: How do I find a sales contact at True Touch ?
A: Please call 02-088-8999 or visit Contact Us.