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True Touch
ISO 9001 Quality Managament

Our working principle

At True Touch, we provide quality service with good relationship as we believe the true value of life is to have each others.

Our working essence is;


At True Touch, we place great importance on the quality and efficiency of our Customer Service Agent (CSAs), as we believe that people are the heart and soul of great customer service. We select, supervise, train, guide, assess and develop skills for our CSAs in order to create the most efficient team.


We provide ourselves on our operational process, which contributes to the efficiency and high standard of our customer service. Our method is involving and sharing with our clients, as we believe that the true understanding and close cooperation will ensure your business runs smoothly.

Measurement and Benchmark

True Touch, we focus on the performance of our employees as well as on teamwork. Measurement, evaluation and benchmark of all operations are constantly made to every level of our operations from individual to the overall project to ensure an ongoing improvement to our service, a prompt action if any problem occurs and create a more efficient service of higher standard.

System and Technology

Our modern Call Center systems and technology facilitate the smooth management of call center services, whether the system can handle both inbound and outbound call volume or the system estimates the number of calls to be handled in each time period. We also have an excellent security system including storage systems for data analyzing.
True Touch Working Principle
True Touch Working Principle