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Our Clients’ Perspectives

The Real Estate Company

The management of the real estate company focusing on developing condominium projects mentioned about True Touch that;

“At first, I did not think much of it. The team told me to try approaching True Touch, who was TA at that time. And I found that the discussion between us was full of compromise, sort of trying to help figure out what we actually needed, rather than offering what True Touch had, we supported each other, which was quite satisfactory. At first we hired True Touch to do the short project, within 3 months the prolonged problems that we had been facing in our call center operation reduced. So we decided to continue using True Touch.”

“Now we have a meeting to discuss on things regularly. I feel that to keep talking to each other is good, it is good for us and for our customers, as we will know the needs of our clients and customers weather they have received services that they were supposed to get.”

Low-cost Airline Company

CEO of low-cost airline company, a major shareholder among the other shareholders mentioned about True Touch that;

“What we most need to do is to reduce the overhead cost, to outsource call center is costly, but compare to in-house call center, that makes things even worst, it means we have to invest in technology, people, training and so on, especially we are not expert on the phone. We like to focus on our airline business only.”

“What we see in True Touch clearly is the effectiveness in personnel selection and training which is the most important, as those people have to deal with all types of our passengers, they are a first tier and a beginning point of trading between us and the passenger. The call center service of true touch is as a business division in our company.”

Leading Cleaning & Security Company

The cleaning & security company (from UK), said about True Touch that;

“Our core business is cleaning and security work, any tasks that do not concern our main business should be outsourced because we believe “Outsource” is the cost control. We do not want to risk on the equipment investment, increase or decrease of employment, staff replacement and re-training. We do not want to invest in all these, in technology and what so ever as technology change quite fast.”

“We chose True Touch because we believed in its reputation and experiences. After comparing to several companies, True Touch most suited to our needs.”

New-blood banking business

Before entering to full banking business, this bank used to provide only the auto loan service since 2000. Now they have expanded and achieved a fully integrated financial services, they mentioned about True Touch that;

“The decision was to look back at our Vision Mission and strategies of bank. We had a choice of two, to do the call center ourselves or to hire someone else to do it for us. After considering many factors e.g. implementation time, project accomplishment, any problem in the long run or flexibility of expansion, we thought hiring someone else to do could answer most the questions we concerned. Moreover we also took into account the expertise and price performance of the service provider.”

“We cooperate with True Touch all the time, they are always willing to help when extra tasks required and always give a good feedback. This is commendable, I must say.”