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True Touch
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Why TrueTouch

True Touch designs, builds, and operates contact centers to deliver integrated customer interaction solutions. Our strategy for aligning with our clients involves mature methodologies centering on these key phases of program development and operation. And because some clients require different levels of support during each of these phases, we are able to leverage our world-class standard, global experience, and expertise in local markets to tailor a solution and delivery model as needed to ensure that your business is in great hands.
Our sole objective is to bring you business closer to success through practices that have been proven to be efficient and effective in practice as follows:
  • To perform our given roles and responsibility as if we were a part of your organization.
  • To treat your customers as if our own.
  • To design programs that responds to your business needs accurately and completely.
  • To assess, examine and report the result of our operation and other details that the customers need, to devise a strategy in responding to the feedback from the customers, and to provide advice and solutions to the problems that might occur.
  • To ensure that your customers are highly satisfied with the service.
  • To control and assess the quality of our system in order to provide the best service.
  • To synergize advanced technologies within True Corporation PLC. and its alliances to deliver the best possible service to match your needs.
Results of using our efficient outsourced customer contact center services:
  • Customer satisfaction will be increased.
  • Risks from technology investments will be reduced.
  • Initial complications and problems that may occur in the setting up of call center services will be minimized and the set up process will speed up.
  • Your existing resources will be effective utilize on your core business without worrying about managing the customer service center.
  • Your data are protected and secure.
And, when you partner with True Touch, We are confident that the services you receive will be. "Commercial advantage", allowing you to remain focused on expanding the business and strategies for the growth and sustainability of your business in the future.